Friedhelm Schumacher oHG - Bau und Möbelbeschläge

Because quality matters

For over 35 years the family-run company Friedhelm Schumacher OHG with seat in Straelen, Germany, has been manufacturing high-end brass door and furniture hinges exceptional quality. The combination of a continuing passion for high-quality materials, an eye for skilled craftsmanship and the use of innovative machine technology ensure that the range of brass door-lift off and butt hinges, the furniture hinges as well as the stainless steel lift-off hinges are continuously available to the valued and longstanding customers in its proven quality. In today’s fast-paced business environment, Friedhelm Schumacher OHG strives to constantly improve the quality of its products by investing in trainings for its expert workforce, modern manufacturing techniques and exclusive delivery service. 


Due to our flexibility, a delivery of individual custom-made products up to mass production is possible within two weeks. The family business Friedhelm Schumacher OHG offers high performance products in exclusive quality at a fair price.

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